If you are a dedicated romance writer, with fiction or non-fiction credentials, and would like to be a part of our Heart’s Kiss family and be published in one of our issues, please send an email to our editors, Lezli Robyn and Tina Smith, at lezli@arcmanor.com, with a cover letter to let us know your credentials and a short synopsis about the piece you would like to submit. We encourage diversity and acceptance of all forms of love, in our fiction and our articles, and we pay our contributors set rates for new and reprint fiction, so we are actively seeking writers from all around the world to contact us  We can’t guarantee we’ll buy your work, as we only have a finite amount of slots per issue, but if you are talking romance, we’re listening!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please only submit to the email address supplied. Submissions received at any of our other email addresses will be deleted. You will get a confirmation email once we have received your submission. Please only query as to the status of your submission after 90 days, if you have not heard back from us prior to that time. Thank you!