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Denise Little

Mary Jo Putney

Mary Jo Putney: The Tuesday Enchantress
Diane A.S. Stuckart:
Taking the Cake
Kristine Kathryn Rusch:
Snow Day
Dayle A. Dermatis:
Then & Now
Petronella Glover:
Detka, it's Cold Outside
Casey Chapel
: Count the Ways
Christina F. York
: Loves Me Knot
Neesa Hart:
The Wedding Belles

Laura Resnick: Galatea: A Modern Myth
(Part 1)

C.S. DeAvilla

Denise Little

Denise Little:
Point of View,
and How to Use It

Julie Pitzel:
Are You Going to Finish That?

Lezli Robyn: Recapturing Romance
Off the Screen

Denise Little


by Denise Little

Welcome to the first issue of Heartís Kiss. Iím thrilled to welcome you to what we hope will be a regular part of your life. Weíre on the cutting edge in this magazine, because it will be one of the first times that thereís been a place that celebrates short romance fiction at its core. We love romance at Heartís Kiss. We plan to give you plenty of it.

In the coming months, weíll feature fiction from all around the world of romance, from favorite authors to new voices. Weíll peek behind the scenes of the romance industry, talking to authors, editors, illustrators, booksellers, and fans. We will look at the stories behind the stories that you love. We will explore the places that have spawned great tales. Weíll also look at the places that romance writers and readers gather, including conventions, blogs, autographings, and readersí and writersí groups. If romance is in the air, we hope to cover it. Heartís Kiss is a new adventure in romance and I hope youíll join us as we find our way.

Iíve been involved in this world of romance as a professional for thirty years, and for fifteen years before that as an enthusiastic amateur. When I was twelve years old, I scooped up a well-worn copy of Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, and never looked back. Iíve read a romance a day for decadesóluckily, Iím a fast reader. But all that reading paid off. After college, I became a bookseller who specialized in romance. I eventually became the romance buyer for Barnes & Noble, moved to New York, and got to know all the romance writers I idolized, along with all the people who worked behind the scenes in the industry. I became one of them, working as an editor for many years. But Iím a reader first. I still clear my calendar when thereís a new release from one of my favorite authors, and savor the book until the very last word.

But sometimes I wanted something shorter in romance, something that would fit into my frenzied lifeóand I couldnít find it. Now I get to ask writers to make these little gems of romance; romance that fits perfectly into a modern, frenzied lifestyle.

I know you love romance as much as I do. I hope youíll find it in the pages of Heartís Kiss.


Heart's Kiss Magazine: Issue 1: February 2017

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