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Denise Little


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CLOSING NOTE: Best of 2016

by Denise Little

It’s hard to believe that the new year is here already. Perhaps as a way to keep the old year alive, I thought I’d look back at 2016’s best books. I certainly read a lot of them. Presidential years always drive me to read every romance I can get my hands on, regardless of who wins the election. I just want the ugly politics to be over. And until the political commercials stop, I spend a whole lot of time with my head in a book.

So this year, I read just about everything out there, and there were some very good books available. Of course, any such list is subjective. This is strictly my list of favorites. Your mileage may vary. But if you missed any of them, I heartily recommend grabbing the nearest copy and settling in to enjoy yourself.

The Obsession
by Nora Roberts
(Berkley, Penguin Random House)

This carefully plotted and tautly executed thriller shows Nora at her very best—and that’s impossible to beat. A young girl finds out her father’s been keeping secrets; terrible secrets that will mark her for life. And when the adult life she carves out for herself is threatened once again by someone with a vendetta, she must fight for everything she’s dreamed of.

Illusion Town
by Jayne Castle
(Jove/Penguin Random House)

Jayne goes back to Harmony, not quite earth, and not quite now, and explores a Las Vegas-like Illusion Town, where the thrills are real.

The Nightingale
by Kristin Hannah
(St. Martin’s Press/Macmillian)

This is a brilliant, three-hankie read that explores the lives and loves of two sisters as they struggle to survive in France during WWII.

When All the Girls Have Gone
by Jayne Ann Krentz
(Berkley/Penguin Random House)

When Charlotte Sawyer moves to Seattle and takes a job at Rainy Creek Gardens Retirement Village, she doesn’t realize she’s about to fill her life to the gills with murder, mayhem, and love. This nicely plotted thriller is clearly the opening of a series.

The Beast
by J.R. Ward
(Signet/Penguin Random House)

Rhage and Mary return in this latest installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The author has been toying with her characters, torturing them in the previous books, and it has left marks. But they are survivors, and this book proves it.

It Ends with Us
by Colleen Hoover
(Atria/Simon & Schuster)

An emotional rollercoaster from a master of catching hold of her readers and dragging them along for the ride. Her main character, Lily, turns you inside out as she struggles through life, and makes you glad you came along for the journey.

Because of Miss Bridgerton
by Julia Quinn

Billie Bridgerton has every intention of marrying one of the Rokesby Brothers in the clever Regency romp. It’s just which one that has her confused.

The Last Chance Christmas Ball
by Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley, Patricia Rice, Joanna Bourne,
Nicola Cornick, Cara Elliott, Anna Gracie, Susan King

This is a lovely confection of a Regency ball—the 1815 holiday ball at Holbourne Abbey. The stories are short, punchy, and every one is a keeper.

Wild at Whiskey Creek
by Julie Ann Long

How is a woman supposed to love the man who arrested her brother? Find out in the brilliantly written contemporary.

How the Duke Was Won
by Lenora Bell

When a scandalous duke needs an unsullied bride—immediately—he’s got to pick from four lovely ladies. But one of the ladies has secrets of her own….

So that’s my list. Here’s hoping 2017 will be just as much fun.

Happy reading,


Copyright © 2017 by Denise Little.

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