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Opening Editorial by Tina Smith

It’s always a wonderful feeling to read and prepare another issue of Heart’s Kiss. And a time warp too. For example, while reading for June’s issue it was cold and rainy and I was contemplating if I should make reservations for Valentine’s Day or prepare a nice meal for my husband at home (spoiler—I usually choose homemade meal. Restaurants are nice, but too crowded on V-Day). Then the stories go on a long journey of formatting, copy edits, typesetting, more formatting, more edits. By the time we have a complete issue so much has happened and as I’m rereading the wonderful stories our authors have created, it transports me back to what had been happening when I read them first. Sadly, this time it reminded me that I read these stories when my grandfather was still alive and now he’s gone.

It’s the magic of a story that can bring us to places and recreate emotions we thought were buried. It reminds us we have so many things for which to be grateful. It reminds us of good times and bad. Romance is a versatile genre and it plays with our emotions and delivers us safely to a happy ending. It leaves us on a good note. Our authors each have a talent to do exactly that in their own unique way.

A few of our most exciting offerings this month are a longer treat for those who like to savor their fiction. USA Today bestselling author, Anna J. Stewart, has concluded her two-part novella Love and Magic Bound and I was biting my nails wondering if Elya would be able to go through with her decision to offer herself for atonement. Anna also has some wonderful news professionally—a book she wrote for Harlequin is being made into a movie! We are delighted for her and lucky to have her writing for us. Under the Solstice Moon by Tonya D. Price was another fantastic second chance love story set in beautiful Greece. As a teen, Ava and her boyfriend broke up because she made an unfortunate choice. Now he’s back just as she needs someone to lean on after her father’s death and request in his will to carry out a task during the solstice moon. But is her past boyfriend who he seems?

We also have three new-to-Heart’s Kiss authors Krista Wallace, Johanna Rothman, and Amanda Pillar. Krista Wallace has a cute contemporary-come-paranormal romance with a nurse who is having a bad day and a patient son of her patient who seems to keep showing up when she’s at her worst—but that doesn’t stop him from flirting his way into her heart in Duchess Keeps her Head. For a trip to the country, Rothman has a little cowboy tale about a woman who is afraid of horses and a man who is willing to help her through that fear. In the end Queenie’s Rescue will surprise you and cheer for our characters. Amanda Pillar, USA Today bestselling author, adds more paranormal flavor to our magazine this issue with Stolen Secrets. Two demons may be rivals, but they soon find out they are also destined mates.

Welcoming back Olivette Devaux, we are gifted with her adorable story Thor, about a four-legged friend who manages to find himself in a custody battle between two homes and eventually these two men discover that’s not all they have in common, but also a pretty sweet attraction for each other as well.

Last, we have our non-fiction offerings Julie Pitzel brings us a fantastic column in this installment of You Read That? This time she dives into the history and lore of our paranormal vampire heroes. Why are they so fascinating? She’ll tell you, but don’t get to close, they bite! C.S. DeAvilla has a new list of Recommended Books and Andrea Abedi shares her refreshing Green Lemonade recipe to help nourish our readers ahead of a thirsty issue filled with love.


Great stories transport us. They evoke emotion not only in our concern for the characters but in reminding us what has made us feel that way in our daily lives. It’s healing. Rejuvenating. Comforting. And yes, sometimes sad. We strive to bring you all those things and more.