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Editor's Note by Lezli Robyn

Heart’s Kiss starts off a new issue with a heartfelt thank you to our new readers out there who purchased Issue 7. Tina and I are committed to showing our readers how beautiful love is, in all its forms. This issue contains an erotic F/F story by new writer Kate Capulet, as well as a M/M romance, too, set in the Czech Republic, the ancestral homeland of the story’s author, Olivette Devaux. Not only that, but L. Penelope is back again with another novelette in her Before I series, this time a new adult piece that is as erotic as it is sweet.

But as our romance readers know—love is more than what happens in the bedroom. Tina and I would love our readers to be immersed in stories of all heat levels, to show the full gamut of what the romance genre has to offer. The gentle, but evocative, story of abiding love by acclaimed author Juliet Marillier, is rich with Aussie spirit and written with such sensitivity that there is no doubt why Juliet’s books have captured the hearts of so many readers. We also have another reimagined fairytale by Harlequin author Melinda Curtis, and the next installment of Anna J. Stewart’s Warden series, where the second of a trio of sisters meets her hero for a chance at a happily ever after.

I can tell you now, I get paid to edit this magazine within my 9-5 work hours, but I often cannot wait for the next work day to devour a new story by one of our authors. The minute I hear that distinctive ping! of a new email I’m salivating and waiting for my first spare moment at the end of the night to curl up with a hot chocolate, a cuddly chiweenie and the latest submission to Heart’s Kiss. Who could have thought my work as an editor could bring such pleasure to me as a reader?

Tina and I couldn’t have been more delighted to buy our first story from D. H. Hendrickson, which shows us true love, even at first blush, doesn’t care about physical limitations—nor should it. Our hero might be seeing his future partner for the first time while she’s seated in a wheelchair, but all he sees is her strength—of character, mind and body. I wanted to read more about this couple.

An interview with the New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary author, Marie Force, along with an excerpt from one of her recently published books, Delirious, also enticed me to seek out more words by that writer; I was buying the full edition of her book before we had sent this issue off to be typeset. Add C.S. DeAvilla’s list of Recommended Books to the mix, and Tina and I have no doubt our readers’ To Be Read pile will be stacked higher by issue’s end.

For there is one thing we’re proud of, and that is the caliber of our writers. And you could not be of a higher caliber than Brenda Novak. Not only are we thrilled to be featuring her short story “Blood in, Blood out” in this issue, which ties into her Bulletproof series of novels, but will be publishing a recipe from her cookbook–perfect for Date Night with your loved one. They say that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, who better to get irresistible recipes from than a New York Times  and USA Today bestseller romance author? She was even just announced a finalist for the 2018 long form Contemporary Romance RITA Award. (Congratulations!)

On that note, I will leave you to devour this issue at your leisure. We hope you find the contents as delicious as we did!