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Opening Editorial by Lezli Robyn

While I sit here and write this, the weather is not unlike the iconic kiss scene in The Notebook. The sky is filled with steamy rain, sweat-drenched humans, and the intoxicating smell of a summer storm fills the beachy neighborhood. (It’s no wonder I see the similarities, living in the Carolinas where Nicholas Spark’s books and movies are ofttimes set.)

Not only is it the perfect weather to daydream about kissing your dream lover, but it is also the perfect weather for our writers to pen their romances—or for you, our reader, to curl up inside or on a porch swing on your screened verandah, out of the rain, and read the love stories we selected for you in this new summer issue of Heart’s Kiss.

Harlequin mainstay, Anna J. Stewart, is back again, this time with a contemporary romance, “You Bet Your Valentine,” that will show us why she is so in demand by her publishers. And Pamela returns to the world she created in “Defective” (Issue 14) about Z43217, commonly known as Zee. She has all the skills of a companion droid, the military expertise of a soldier and what it takes to be a proper spy, but she keeps failing the most simple task of passing for human. She is defective. All she wants is to be chosen, even if she is damaged, and with Kuta, she finds someone who is the first to treat her like a real girl, even if she has a mission to complete. In the latest installment, “Ðamaged,” will she follow protocol or her manufactured heart?

Rei Rosenquist gifts us with another of her thought-provoking romances which literally show us that love is love, in all forms—even if it takes a dimensional rift for our couple to declare their feelings. Kathryn Kelly is also back with another period piece, “Blue and Gray,” and we welcome Sharon Stevens to our magazine with her touching story about a married couple celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary, trying to find their way back to each other on a celebratory cruise.

Andrea Abedi whets our appetite this issue with a scrumptious fluffy gluten free waffle recipe that can help make any breakfast in bed more cozy and romantic, and we have our usual column by Julie Pitzel. Her You Read That? installment this issue, “Shame Shame Shame,” discusses the expectation on our novel heroines to be perfect, or more pleasing to the reader, in order to be likeable. Yet, in comparison, it is often seen as more appealing for our heroes to be damaged, even unlikeable, at the start of the novel, until our heroines “tame” them.

Last, but not least, we have the absolute pleasure of interviewing Christine Feehan, ahead of her next book release, Dark Illusion. Not only is Christine a delight to get to know (I already had been gifted a signed book by her, years ago, in return to one of only two fan letters I have ever sent to authors), but she is a fascinating person, whose talent is unparalleled. Enjoy discovering more about the person behind the (multiple) famous series of books that have swept us off our feet and find out more about the books yet to come.

We welcome you to this new issue with the warmth of summer and love in the air. I now have the sudden urge to go over to my bookcase, grab a worn Feehan hardcover off the shelf and retreat to my Amish rocking chair to lose myself in some more romance. Read well, lovers.